In the Studio

Over the Rainbow

Glass is one material that is available in an abundance of different colours and this is the main reason I chose to work with glass rather than pursue another craft.
A significant part of my recent experimentations have been aimed at developing my own colour pallet, and this involved making many small test tiles and lots of detailed record keeping. I wished to discover new colour combinations that were not only beautiful in their own right, but which complimented each other, as well as the natural theming of my designs. I initially thought I would be using lots of rich, warm ambers, and whilst these still draw me in, what has become apparent is my leaning towards the more subtle hushed tones of green, blue and even pink.

This has been a joyous process and will continue for some time, however I am very pleased to have now found several new colour combinations that I am thrilled with. Their calming aura is just what I was hoping for, and match perfectly when paired with the botanical souvenirs I forage from the woods.

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