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A Meeting of Creative Minds

I had a desire some time ago to make some chunky glass rings that played with light at different depths and proceeded to cut and fire the glass components in the kiln using my favourite glass colours. The next stage was the silver, and as I wanted a professional finish I called upon my talented friend Susannah, of Susannah Brookes Jewellery, who thankfully was very enthusiastic to take on the challenge. She took the glass away and experimented with different designs to encapsulate the glass in a way that would allow light to shine through and make the glass glow. The end results are better than I ever imagined and we’re both so excited to share them with you all.

Made from recycled silver, each one is custom made to neatly nestle the glass within. There are 4 rings in total – Honey, Blush, Sage and Bluebell – each differ in shape and size as a unique one-off statement ring. There are 2 different ring styles with the green and blue rings featuring a thinner rounded band and measuring UK size M, whilst the pink and orange have a wide flat band and are a size L. All of them have a beautiful satin finish which works great in contrast with the watery reflective glass.

The experience of working in collaboration with a fellow Nottinghamshire maker has been very fulfilling and I love how we each were able to contribute our own unique artistic input into the design and finish, ultimately creating something that neither of us could have dreamt up on our own.

Marrying beautifully crafted silver with one-of-a-kind glass centre pieces, this mini collection of statement rings celebrate local skills and handmade craft. We are thrilled with them all and we hope you love them too, (I still can’t decide which one my favourite is!).

Find them in the shop here.

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